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Vedicis chooses Qosmos for converged policy and traffic management solutions

Posted By Qosmos, 02 February 2010 | 0 Comments | (0)
Tags: Qosmos Network Intelligence deep packet inspection DPI

Vedicis will rely on Qosmos ixEngine protocol and metadata analysis to power its solution’s advanced capabilities for policy control and traffic management.

Qosmos today announced that Vedicis, a provider of telecom network and content management solutions, has chosen Qosmos ixEngine SDK to provide enhanced Network Intelligence capabilities in its line of content management products. With ixEngine’s real-time protocol recognition and analysis, Vedicis will improve the efficiency and throughput of its products.

Vedicis V-Content Smart Switch platform intelligently detects and identifies incoming content and services on a telecom carrier’s network to enforce policy control and Quality of Service (QoS) rules. In addition, Vedicis fine-grained traffic analysis provides precise monitoring and steering of network traffic, while enabling telecom operators to perform real-time content billing and behavioral targeting.

Vedicis’ use of Qosmos ixEngine increases the efficiency of its product range by providing visibility into more than 300 protocols and their variants, and more than 4,000 types of metadata. In addition, Vedicis will rely on Qosmos’ Protocol Watch Service to get continuous updates on protocol evolution and new releases. This allows Vedicis to deliver a more complete solution able to detect information that might be encapsulated within certain tunneling protocols.

“Partnering with Qosmos has allowed us to draw from the depth and breadth of their protocol knowledge to strengthen our solution,” said Théodore Martin Martin, CEO at Vedicis. “Our customers can now rely on enhanced visibility and understanding of network traffic based on the most complete protocol library available to the market."

“Many market factors are in play – from the increase in Smart Phone availability to the build-out of 4G networks – that demand the kind of advanced traffic, policy and content management offered by Vedicis,” said Thibaut Bechetoille, CEO at Qosmos. “We are pleased they have chosen ixEngine to harness the intelligence that can be extracted from network communications.”

Qosmos ixEngine: http://www.qosmos.com/products/qosmos-ixengine
Network Intelligence FAQ: http://www.qosmos.com/resources/network-intelligence-faq
About Vedicis

Vedicis is a telecom provider in IP broadband solutions to value content and create smart pipes with new services for fixed and mobile carriers. Based on its technology of Deep Content Inspection, Vedicis has developed a Content Smart Switch to provide advanced content analysis and control within broadband networks and create smart pipes with content awareness. Its fine grained traffic analysis enables precise monitoring and control over protocols, applications and content within High Speed Internet, while empowering telecom operators to achieve real time content billing and add behavioural targeting. Vedicis solutions offer new revenue generating applications that span from Content Circulation Control to Web Services Classifications and Prioritizations and help communication service providers to deliver enhanced Internet Quality of Experience. For more information, please visit www.vedicis.com
About Qosmos

Qosmos develops network intelligence technology, providing real-time visibility into data as it crosses networks. The company’s software development kit and hardware platforms are used by systems integrators, solution developers and network equipment suppliers to make their applications more secure, efficient and profitable. Qosmos network intelligence technology enhances solutions for lawful interception, cyber security, traffic optimization, QoS management, content billing, market research and more. Qosmos customers gain unparalleled ability to understand and analyze data in transit, while they maintain control and flexibility.

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