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Codgertations: Telcos go big on Cloud - February 3rd, 2012

Filmed at on 03 February 2012 | Posted Over 6 months
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Tags: free france cloud web scale hollywood denmark masts

Matron's Diary, Friday, February 3rd.  "Cheek! They think I can't hear them as they witter on with their filming, but I make it my business to hear everything. Mast pricing fixes in Denmark is quite interesting. Those mobile phone people came to see me once about putting a cell mast on the home, but I sent them off with a flea in their ear. I’ve got enough problems without catching phone cancer.

French mobile problems? The only good mobile phone is one that’s been confiscated and locked in my drawer. Cloud services! Just sounds like a weather report to me. As for rendering Shrek in Hollywood - I know they’re getting at me again, but it’s all lies.  

And, by the way, the firemen didn’t need spatulas to get me out of the bath. They simply drained out the water, tipped the bath on its side and I fell out of my own accord. 


Codgertations is filmed in front of a semi-conscious audience in a home for veteran technology journalists. Inmates Martyn Warwick and Ian Scales cogitate and ruminate on the week's best, worst and most amusing stories under the watchful eye of the home's redoubtable 'Matron'.

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(1) 04 February 2012 09:41:12 by steve masters

love it :-D Steve Masters