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Assignment --- Market Intelligence: How Mobiles are Helping Farmers and Fishermen

Filmed at Nairobi, Kenya and Kerala, India on 13 March 2009 | Posted Over 6 months
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In markets throughout the developing world, mobile phones are playing a significant part in trade and commerce. Godrey Fwamba works for the Kenya Agricultural Commodity Exchange. Each day he visits the Nairobi market, collects prices from the local traders, then sends them back to his office via SMS, where they are made available to farmers. Pradeep Kumar is the skipper of the Sreevaltsom, which trawls the seas of Kerala, India. He uses mobiles to check fish prices, ensuring he lands his catch at the most profitable quayside market. An exclusive TelecomTV Report from Kenya and India. Part of the Mobile Planet Project, in partnership with the GSMA.

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