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Mega-growth forecast for mobile device management

Posted By TelecomTV One , 21 April 2008 | 0 Comments | (0)
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They're tricky things to keep corporate tabs on which is why a specialised industry has grown up to provide an assist. Functions such as mobile device procurement, asset management, billing audit, security and many more, are all available as services for corporates.


And Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a market that is supposed to expand like a wild thing, according to a recent report from ABI  Research, which expects compound growth to gallop along at about 80 per cent to reach a stunning $20 billion in 2013, up from its relatively modest $583 million last year.

At present the service providers come from different disciplines, including IT services providers, telecom expense management experts,  mobility management specialists and of course mobile operators themselves - all of these business categories would like to expand their scope and scale to stake a long-term claim on the MDM market to get a big chunk of that $20 billion.

And all of them no doubt have their eyes fastened on the emerging technology that's going to help them do it.  According to ABI the game-changer is the MDM platform which it says is slowly evolving with more and more capabilities for MDM services. The MDM platform sets out to systemetise and automate device management processes and can be employed by many players in the current MDM chain , including big users themselves of course.

So who is going to win out and take the lion's share of a market which can be consolidated on a converged MDM platform?

ABI Research thinks that mobile operators themselves may be the best placed (already with deep knowledge and participating in all the service areas) and most highly motivated, given that the business market will be highly important to them all over the next five years.

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